Welcome to BeemCar

The biggest problem in urban areas is congestion, which causes massive financial losses to economies, and leads to increasing levels of air pollution that in turn causes avoidable premature deaths, and inefficient use of energy.  BeemCar has been designed specifically to tackle congestion at its core by providing a cost effective, zero carbon, energy efficient and attractive option to car users.  It uses a mixture of existing technologies and is akin to a monorail with automobiles – pods – hanging under a lightweight beam.  Each 4-seater pod is suspended from a drive unit that sits inside the hollow beam, mounted on low friction wheels that freewheel along tracks inside the beam.  Linear Induction Motors (LIMs) provide the forward propulsion and braking, as the pods zip along at 50 km/hr (30mph), at half second intervals.


  • A cross between a monorail and a ski lift
  • Operating in its own Right-of-Way (RoW) above the traffic
  • Attractive to automobile users, thus reducing congestion
  • Resilient to weather and floods

Second generation Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) system

  • High capacity, more than 20,000 passengers per hour
  • Twice the capacity of tram and all passengers seated

Stylish pods

  • 4 individual seats
  • Able to carry wheelchair and mobility scooter users, bicycles pushchairs and parcels
  • Panoramic view

Low costs and fares

  • A fifth of the capital cost of tram
  • Low cost maintenance
  • Energy use 70% less that any other powered urban transport

More than just a commute, an enjoyable travelling experience for all ages

The beams are arranged in a network that criss-cross the city with a clearance height of 5m below the pods.  Unlike a rail-based system, there is no physical track switching, the intelligent pods choose the shortest route through diverging and converging junctions, travelling directly from origin to destination, without any stopping en route.

Passengers board the climate controlled pods at one of many ground level stops, much like bus stops, set at intervals of approximately 500 – 800m, at locations based on passenger demand.  Once aboard, the door closes and the pod is accelerated from ground level back onto the main beam, where it slots into a gap between other pods all travelling on the beam in the same direction.  The pod will travel direct to its programmed destination where it will turn off the main beam and decelerate into the stop, dropping back down to ground level.  This is achievable as the pod has only a single hinged point of suspension and will remain horizontal irrespective of the gradient of the beam, which can be in excess of 60%, much like a chair lift.

BeemCar is driverless and available on demand 24/7, and has a theorectical maximum capacity of 28,800 passengers per hour for a single beam.   All pods comply with international disability legislation and are able to carry a wheelchair or mobility scooter, without modification or compromise.  BeemCar pods are energy efficient as they only move when needed, and energy efficiency is enhanced by the solar panels integrated into the top surfaces of the beam.  BeemCar is more than just a commute, its an enjoyable travelling experience for all ages, and its the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly urban transport system ever!